The Master

The Master
European Master Course in Advanced Structural Analysis and Design using Composite Materials


The FRP++ mobility scheme allows students to visit the four involved partners. The full cycle of mobility is completed after 4 Master editions and will be started over again. The table and the graph below summarise the full mobility cycle, including coursework, MSc dissertation, Integration Week and FRP++ Workshop.

There will be three compulsory and one optional physical student mobility: i) 1st mobility – coursework (Mandatory); ii) 2nd mobility – Integration Week (Mandatory); iii) 3rd mobility – dissertation (Mandatory); iv) 4th mobility – FRP++ Workshop (Optional). While the Integration Week is financially supported by the Consortium, the students may need to support the physical presence at FRP++ Workshop – optionally they can also participate virtually (the participation is Mandatory either physical or virtual). However, local sponsors will be perused to, at least, support partially the costs.